driving assessment and rehabilitation therapy services in thunder bay and district

PARTNERS IN REHAB is an authorized Functional Assessment Centre (FAC) approved by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO). 

Assessments conducted include:

  • Vision Waiver Functional Assessment
  • Driving Assessment for Medical Reasons

The Team Includes:

  • Registered Occupational Therapist (Member of the Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists)
  • Referring Physician/Family Doctor
  • Certified Driving Instructor (Member of the Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists)
  • Equipment Vendors who supply assistive devices and vehicle modifications for drivers with physical impairments

driving rehabilitation therapy services in thunder bay and districtDriver Rehabilitation Services include:

  • In-clinic assessment of the physical, visual and cognitive skills required for driving and the driver’s ability to manage the rules of the road
  • On-the-road driving evaluation in the driving instructor’s vehicle that is customized for driving assessments and vehicle modifications
  • Driver training with the use of adaptive vehicle equipment if necessary
  • Recommendations for adaptive vehicle equipment if required
  • Remedial in-car driving lessons to improve driver skills
  • Recommendations for maintaining safe driving ability
  • Reporting of driving evaluation/assessment outcomes to the referring physician and client
  • Consult with family, vendors, MTO and others, as specified by the client with written consent

Who may need a driving assessment / rehabilitation?

  • An individual with a medical condition thatmay affect their ability to drive .
  • An Individual with vision loss below the Ministry of Transportation requirements and has acceptance into the Vision Waiver Program
  • An Individual who has the need for assistive devices or vehicle modifications due to a disability

Eligibility Criteria

  • Legal age to drive
  • In stable health
  • Meets Ministry of Transportation requirements for driving related to vision
  • Must be seizure-free
  • Possess a valid driver’s licence or the ability to obtain a one day temporary licence
  • Physician referral with  pertinent information to include diagnosis and driving concerns

Outcomes of Functional Driving Assessment:

  • You are safe to drive
  • You are safe to drive with vehicle modifications and training
  • You may require further driver training and a re-assessment
  • You are not safe to drive